• 30 CPD (PDH) biennially
  • Day/year depending on license birthday & year issued
  • 15 CPD (PDH) carryover allowed
  • PDH goes by CPD in New Hampshire
  • No limit for online courses 
  • Provider/courses do NOT need board approval 
  • See board website for details for dual license holders. 

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Will New Hampshire accept PDH credits from ENGINEERING-PDH.C

Our courses & exams are based on the NCEES Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines, which is the guide used by most states for their continuing education requirements. Our state coverage map can be viewed at the top of the page. We make every effort to stay current with the engineering licensing boards for each state, including New Hampshire. However, with always changing rules by the state boards, we cannot guarantee that all information here is always accurate & up to date. We encourage you to use this page as a summary of some of the key points for each state's P.E. licensing requirements only and be sure to frequently fully review your board's current PDH rules.