Does ENGINEERING-PDH.COM guarantee my state will accept my earned PDH credits?

Our courses and graded exams are set up to be meet the requirements of nearly every state's engineering licensing boards.  For all states which are included in our coverage area (see STATE PDH RULES page), we 100% GUARANTEE that our courses will be accepted by your state licensing board!  If you are audited and your state board does not accept your PDH credits from ENGINEERING-PDH.COM, we will [1] Give you a FULL refund for ALL purchased courses/Unlimited PDH, including any applicable tax! [2] Give you Unlimited PDH access for the following year for FREE as well!  But we are confident you won't need our guarantee because to date we have NEVER had one of our PDH courses rejected by any state licensing board in our coverage area!  Do note that some states limits the amount of unmonitored PDH hours which can be obtained for online courses.  Our guarantee for the states with limited online course acceptance applies to the limited number of PDH hours accepted for online courses only.  Also note that some states have restrictions on the types of PDH courses they approve for Engineering PDH.  The course approval gaurantee for these select states is limited to the course topics which are approved by the state's engineering boards.  Our STATE PDH RULES page lists a summary of each state's PDH / CPD requirements, as well as details regards which states our PDH credits will apply, and which ones they won't.  Currently, we are set up to meet the requirements for all states which require engineering PDH / CPD, except for Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, & New York. 3/1/20 UPDATE - We are in the process of getting registered and approved for these listed states, and we hope to have courses available to engineers for all states in the next few months! 

All of our course content & exams are 100% selected & created by Professional Engineers to help ensure that the course content is both engaging & interesting as well as satisfactory to meet the needs of continuing education for Professional Engineers.  Our courses & exams are based on NCEES Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines, which is the guide used by most states for their continuing education requirements.  NCEES' "Model Rules" defines a qualifying Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) course as “Any qualifying course or activity with a clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice.”  Our online courses are intended to either refresh & maintain the P.E.'s fundamental knowledge of previously learned subject matter, or to introduce the P.E. to new information & material to broaden their engineering skill-set.  All courses have on-demand graded exams validating that the P.E. licensee has thoroughly reviewed the course subject matter.  Graded exams are part of what classifies our courses as "meaningful CPC activities",  and this is an important factor that sets graded course learning apart from "self-directed study", which has PDH limitations on its own. 

Will I get a certificate when I successfully complete a course/exam?

Yes, upon the successful completion of the exam for the course taken, you will be provided with a certificate of completion similar to example below. A passing exam grade is a score of 70% or better.  Be sure to download & print your certificates for your records. We also keep both physical and PDF copies of your certificates if you ever need for a state audit or NCEES CPC Tracking.

How does the Unlimited PDH Course option work?


- STEP1: First add ONLY the UNLIMITED PDH to your cart. (Link to Unlimited)  Do NOT add any of your courses at this time.

- STEP2: Complete your order and download your UNLIMITED PDH Certificate which has your personalized coupon code.

- STEP3: Go back to the store/site & add your courses to the cart.  Apply your UNLIMITED PDH Coupon Code & all courses will be discounted down to $0.  

- STEP4: In Checkout enter your Customer Information/Billing Address & "Complete Your Order" (information is used for Unlimited PDH verification only, all courses are $0 so you will have no charges).  Now download your courses! (you will also get an email with the download links)

That's it!  And you can repeat Steps 3-4 as many times as you'd like for 100% FREE courses throughout the next 12 months!


- STEP1: First add ONLY the UNLIMITED PDH to your cart. (Link to Unlimited)

- STEP2: Do NOT put any courses in the cart at this time. Click the “x” next to the quantity to delete any courses in your cart besides the UNLIMITED PDH.

- STEP3: Click “Checkout”, enter your “Customer Information” & “Billing Address”, & click “Continue”. 

- STEP4: Your Order Total should be $85 + sales tax if you are in Louisiana. If your Order Total is higher, you need to edit your cart and remove all courses except the UNLIMITED PDH. Input your Credit Card information & click “Complete Your Order”. 

- STEP5: Click the “Download” button to download your UNLIMITED PDH Certificate. You will also get a copy of the UNLIMITED PDH Certificate emailed to you. Check your spam/junk/clutter/promotions folders if you don’t see it. This will be a PDF that will display you your personalized UNLIMITED Coupon Code. Please keep this certificate and/or write the code down. 

- STEP6: Click “Back to Store” or simply go back to www.ENGINEERING-PDH.com. Now, and for the next 12 months, you will simply choose the courses you would like to take, clicking “Add to Cart” for each course. You can add 1 course at a time or multiple courses, but always be sure to re-enter your UNLIMITED PDH code every time you do an order for new courses. 

- STEP7: In the “Cart”, in the bottom left there is a spot that says, “Have a coupon code”. Put your personalized UNLIMITED PDH code here and hit “Apply”. If you are already in the “Checkout” screen at the right above the “Order Total” there it says, “Have a coupon code?”. Click here and it shows a box where you can input your UNLIMITED PDH code here as well. After inputting the code and clicking “Apply” and all courses will discount down to $0 and your “Order Total” should display $0. 

- STEP8: Be sure to enter your Customer Information and Billing Address here again so the system can verify your UNLIMITED PDH status. Hit “Continue”.

- STEP9: You will now be on the “Payment” screen. Hit “Complete Your Order”. There should be NO Credit Card input boxes shown. If you see the input for your credit card, make sure your “Order Total” shows $0. If not, you can input your UNLIMITED PDH code on this screen as well. You should never need to re-enter any Credit Card information if you have previously purchased the UNLIMITED PDH within the past 12 months. Click “Complete Your Order”.

- STEP10: Click the “Download” button for each course to download the courses. You will also get a copy of the links for the downloads emailed to you. Check your spam/junk/clutter/promotions folders if you don’t see it. 

- STEP11: Once you have your course PDFs downloaded, at your convenience and own pace, review the course materials. When ready, click “- TAKE EXAM! –“ on the 2nd page of the course PDF. This will bring you to an external online course exam link. Here you can take the live graded exam for the course. You are allowed to re-take an exam as many times as required to achieve a pass rate of 70% or better.

- STEP12: After you successfully complete the exam you will be provided with your course completion certificate. Be sure to download and print your certificates to keep for your records. We also keep a copy of your completion certificates if you ever need a copy.

Do I have to create a login, commit to an annual plan, or buy a PDH package to get discounted PDH?

No, not with our site!  Our Unlimited PDH option is an excellent way to save on multiple courses, but it is just an option, and not required to use the site.  We have plenty of low priced individual courses available if you only need a few PDH!  And the content/exam previews for all of our courses are FREE for everyone, no signup or login required either!  We do encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn and signup for our email newsletter to stay current on news, discounts, & current promotional specials.  But there is no obligation & you can unsubscribe at any time.  

"CPC Tracking" / Do you report my exam results to my state engineering licensing board?

ENGINEERING-PDH.com does not transmit your CPC/PDH information.  It ultimately is your responsibility to download/print your exam completion certificates as you take them.  But we suggest using the NCEES "CPC Tracking" online tool to have your CPC (PDH) transcript electronically sent to your state licensing board.  If you are registered with NCEES (which we recommend) go to THIS LINK to setup your CPC Tracking.  Once you are setup with NCEES, when you select to "Add Course" in the CPC Tracking there is a drop-down under "Course Provider" where you select "Engineering-PDH.com" with a class type of "online".  The instructor for the course will be listed on your course completion certificates. 

If you do not utilize the NCEES CPC Tracking, for each renewal of your professional engineering license, the requirements vary from state to state, but you will have to keep a log detailing your PDH for the renewal period.  And then if a board audits you, they will ask you to provide copies of the course completion certificates that you put on file. Also, note that some licensing boards can audit your PDH years later. 

What if I misplace my course completion certificates, can I get a copy?

We keep both print and PDF copies of all user completion certificates.  If you ever need a copy of your certificate for any completed course/exam, email us at web.info@engineering-pdh.com to request a copy.  Note that after the successful completion of each exam, you will be automatically an emailed a copy/link to your certificate as well.  And we still encourage you to always download/print your certificates as you take the exams.

Do you offer FREE PE PDH courses?

Yes, we do!  Take advantage of our FREE Engineering PDH Course!  What easier way to explore our course offerings than by trying our free 1 hr PDH course so you can see how our online course process works, no credit card required and no strings attached!  This is a valid course with exam that you can apply to this year's PDH requirements.  It is just a small example of the discount continuing education courses for Professional Engineers available at ENGINEERING-PDH.COM!  

What are the differences between PDH / CPD / CE /CPC / CEU credits?

Engineering CPD Courses refer in general terms to Engineering "Continuing Professional Development", which technically represents the entire educational process whereby a Professional Engineer engages in continuing education as required by their state for licensing.   A Professional Development Hour (PDH) or Engineering CE (Continuing Education) credit hour for a course refers to a nominal hour of study / continuing education activity.  Some states also use the term Engineering CPD interchangeably to refer to Continuing Professional Development Hourly Credits.  CPC stands for Continuing Professional Competency and is used by some states as well as NCEES.  All references on our website, documentation, courses, exams, certificates to PDH, CPD, CE credits or hours all reference 1 nominal hour increments. So for example a course listed as 3 PDH / CE or 3 PDH credits, etc. would be a nominal 3 hour course.  Note that our course listings are not referencing Continuing Education Units (CEU) which refers to a unit of equal credit to 10 nominal hours. 

What software do I need to view the course content?

All course content is in the form of PDF.  A PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, is required to view all of the course content for our site.  You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website here.  All exams are online, so you will need an active internet connection to take the exams.

I still have more questions, can I contact you?

Yes, you can reach us through our CONTACT US page, by emailing web.info@engineering-pdh.com or by calling our U.S.-based call center toll-free (U.S. & CA.) at 1-833-ENGR-PDH (1-833-364-7734).  Also, don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn for news on discounts and current promotional specials!


How do I take the online PDH / CPD courses & exams?

  1. Select a course to review the course summary, PDH credit hours & total discounted cost for the online course.  Select CLICK HERE FOR FREE COURSE/EXAM PREVIEW!  to see the course content & exam preview.  
  2. When ready to purchase click ADD TO CART.  You can select CONTINUE SHOPPING to add additional courses, or you can checkout. Don’t forget to apply your coupon code if you have one before checkout.
  3. After checkout, you will be provided with links to download the official courses/exams. 
  4. After downloading, at your convenience and own pace, you can review the course material. When ready, select TAKE EXAM! to complete the live graded exam.  You can retake an exam as many times as needed to pass.
  5. Upon satisfactory completion of the course exam, which is a score of 70% or better, you will be provided with your course completion certificate. Be sure to download and print your certificates to keep for your records. 

Will I be timed when taking the exam?

No, you are able to complete the exams at your own pace, there is no timer.

If I don't pass the exam on the 1st attempt, can I retake the exam?

Yes, you can re-take an exam as many times as needed to achieve a passing score on the exam.  


Are my payments secure with ENGINEERING-PDH.COM? Do I need a PayPal account?

ENGINEERING-PDH.COM uses PayPal or Square as options for payment processing for our online course orders.  Note that you do NOT need a PayPal or Square account, and your debit or credit card information can be entered in directly.  No matter which payment method is chosen, all payment information is processed directly by the credit card processing company.  We never see your sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.   


Privacy Policy

ENGINEERING-PDH.COM recognizes that your personal privacy is a concern.  We do not collect or sell any information when you purchase a course, sign-up for our newsletter, or respond to an email.  


This website, including but not limited to logos, text, graphics, and the arrangement and display of the content are protected by copyright laws.  All course exams are created by ENGINEERING-PDH.COM, protected by copyright law and as such cannot be reproduced or used in any way.  With regards to course educational content, ENGINEERING-PDH.COM does not claim any copyright or ownership.  Unsecured copies of source material content is available upon request.  Copyright / ownership claim relates to the arrangement and delivery of content only.  

Disclaimer of Warranties & Limitation of Liability

This website and the course content contained or linked through it are provided for educational purposes only.  The site's sole intent is to help professional engineers continue their education and obtain engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH), also known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.  ENGINEERING-PDH.COM makes no claims or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy of the information contained on this site or linked to this site.  The content on this site shall be used for education only, and not be applied to any particular application or project.  ENGINEERING-PDH.COM makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the information, content, materials, or products included on this site.   To the full extent permissible by applicable law, ENGINEERING-PDH.COM disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. ENGINEERING-PDH.COM will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.